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09/30/2014 CISA defeated this year? only maybe:

Fortunately it appears that the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014—which would further erode America's privacy and grant additional powers to the overreaching and dysfunctional intelligence communities—has been successfully opposed despite ill-advised support from banksters and financial institutions. You can count on it becoming an issue again after mid-term elections.

09/27/2014 program needed to identify players:

It's only been a couple of days and already the world is learning that "—just as AP has reported. "in Syria it is Assad's government that is best placed to benefit from blows to the extremists"*** Still most of lame stream media is touting America's new bombing strategy as precursor to western victory over terrorism. Nevertheless terrorism is not likely to ebb before changes in American foreign policy begin removing that policy's root causes of worldwide terrorism. If you are looking for alternative solutions, here is a good place to start****.
***broken AP link removed 10/13/2014
****broken commondreams link changed 02/11/2017

09/18/2014 Hooray for Jeff Miller:

Yesterday the US House of Representatives voted to support POTUS' Syria plan. However Congressman Jeff Miller, the Republican representative from Florida's 1st district, wisely chose not to support the funding and arming of "moderate" Syrian rebels with US revenue streams. I do not know the Congressman's specific reasons for opposing that action. Perhaps he recognizes that the ISIS threat to the US is more hype than substance for the foreseeable future. In any case it makes no sense to bomb ISIS in Iraq while funding and arming them in Syria. Even realizing that ISIS troops are not considered "moderate" Syrian rebels for US purposes, they most certainly are Syrian rebels and consequently will be indirectly funded and armed via direct cooperation with their more moderate Syrian associates. US bombing and financial support will provide ongoing solid grounds for criticism and propaganda and eventually will draw US ground troops into the fray. Warmongering DoD associates likely are counting on it. If you are looking for alternative solutions, here is a good place to start****.
****broken commondreams link changed 02/11/2017 .

09/11/2014 escalation:

Now that the US has degraded her constitution, economy, moral conciousness, diplomacy, and worldwide esteem, what remains intact and well-funded are her intelligence [spying] communities and military might. Nonetheless force seldom cures very much even when its the only available tool. Although the invasion of Libya under humanitarian pretense was hardly noticed by anyone but recruiters for terrorists, nowadays not everyone embraces Donald Rumsfeld's decade-old statement that "nobody is going to tell us where or when we can bomb, nobody". Irrespective of anything and everything Congress is likely to allocate more money and resources for DoD—that's the true core game, that and perhaps goading Putin into a confrontation over Syria. Warmongers and recruiters for terrorists are about to get yet another helping hand from Uncle Sam.

09/08/2014 warmongering:

As this article suggests: "All of the stated reasons for US-NATO warmongering against Russia are lies." Aside from orchestration there is absolutely no reason for the US and Russia to be at odds these days. Diplomatically-enervated America seems desperate for major warfare and likely will be obliged in time—possibly even as the common enemy for the rest of the world, an ostensible secondary goal. In any case the eventual wording of Senator Bill Nelson's proposed legislation is apt to permit POTUS to unilaterally start WWIII without congressional approval or public discussion. The times are too dangerous to give additional discretion to any one government entity. Support the repeal of AUMF, PATRIOT, and the detention provisions of NDAA 2012.

09/03/2014 more bombs away:

Florida has an enormous military presence and Florida's members of Congress characteristically blindly support all things military. Unfortunately the mindset never revolves around wisdom or principle. Now Senator Bill Nelson is calling for new legislation ensuring POTUS can "legally" bomb most anybody anytime, as if the US has not done enough of that already in the face of international law. What the nation needs is specific case-by-case congressional approval of each warlike action—whatever happened to formal declarations of war? Get elected officials on record and accountable so they can't just blame the Executive when things turn out about as well as the ill-advised invasion of Iraq and the Libyan humanitarian mission. Why does the House of Representatives continue to fund these lame counterproductive efforts? "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" historically doesn't work because there's always just one more somewhere. The US has destabilized the middle east as planned however the consequences to date appear to have been unanticipated. Nelson's legislation won't cure arrogance or obtuseness.

09/01 Happy Labor Day:
The below 09/01 posts previously posted are urgent enough to warrant uninterrupted exposure. With Congress reconvening soon, multiple elevated threats from legislators are imminent.

09/01/2014 & 08/22/2014 bombs away:

Scholars worldwide seem to agree that US foreign policy since WWII is the root cause of international terrorism as it is known today. According to General Wesley Clark's Commonwealth Club video, Donald Rumsfeld said years ago that "nobody is going to tell us where or when we can bomb, nobody". Inflammatory foreign policy is still in vogue and the renewed bombing of Iraq likely will be expanded to Syria. Diplomatically-enervated America seems desperate to provoke ever larger-scaled warfare and odds are that she will eventually have a much bigger war. Whatever happened to respect for sovereignty and international law and declarations of war?

09/01/2014 & 08/01/2014 & 07/22/2014 CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014):

The most important agenda before Congress is restoration of constitutional protections for US citizens yet is not even being discussed. Repeal of AUMF, PATRIOT, and the detention provisions of NDAA 2012 are the single most important issues that Congress can address in order to preserve and ensure the longevity of traditional American values. Unfortunately the focus is now CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014, which will furthr erode America's privacy and grant additional powers to the overreaching and dysfunctional intelligence communities. The entire Bill of Rights has been abrogated or nullified by so-called anti-terrorism legislation and this is more of the ill-advised same. Neverthelesss the US Senate is the last place in the world to look for enlightened decision making.

Senator Rubio's politically correct response to this text (received 8/2).

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