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06/26/2014 litigation:

Republicans seem to think that bringing legal action against POTUS will somehow contribute positively toward solving the nation's problems. Of course that's lame grandstanding intended to benefit the Republican party rather than restore sustainablilty to a faltering nation. Only an educated, benign, unified team effort of leadership can solve our problems yet we have none of that.

06/12/2014 Iraq:

This AP story*** asks "What is going on in Iraq and Why?". Personally I believe the story entirely misses the point. What is going on in Iraq obviously is a by-product of traditional US foreign policy. US foreign policy is responsible for most of Iran's woes at least as far back as the 1953 overthrow of the duly elected Mossadegh government. Similar US policies are credited with eventually spawning terrorism throughout the world.
***broken AP link removed 10/10/2014

06/10/2014 gun control:

Here is what BBC reported today: "President Barack Obama has said no other developed nation would tolerate the 'off the charts' level of gun violence plaguing the United States." It has long been maintained that the US harbors poor mental health as a result of obtuse foreign and domestic policies. No other developed nation spends the bulk of her discretionary revenues killing the planetary less-fortunate while ignoring international law, the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and virtually all Magna Charta principle, doings not likely to encourage any nation's mental health. Meanwhile militarization of her domestic policies arguably has created an enormous sense of citizenry helplessness by supporting elitism and in-your-face lies, fraud, and cheating without accountability. To control firearms, America needs strong, well-educated, benevolent leaders in order to improve the nation's mental health, not another ineffective, expensive bureaucracy anxious to dispense the "privilege" of yet another stolen freedom.
Link modified 06/11/2014 to track BBC text changes.

06/02/2014 intelligence and moral turpitude:

Moral turpitude is a legal concept generally referring to certain doings considered to be base, vile, and depraved acts between individuals. A large number of crimes traditionally are said to involve moral turpitude—non-exhaustive examples include fraud and crimes where fraud is an element, all theft offenses, perjury, and prostitution. Conviction of any one crime involving moral turpitude customarily constitutes grounds to deny various employment opportunities, preclude immigration approval, and deny professional licensing to teachers, attorneys, and others. In US courts credibility of witnesses has been successfully attacked using mere allegations of "moral turpitude conduct"—even without unequivocal verification or conviction. Traditionally in America instances of moral turpitude are not taken lightly.

Consequently it is extremely difficult for laymen to understand how the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Director of the National Security Agency (DNSA) can publicly lie to Congress, the American people, and the world with impunity. Lying to Congress about activities in general is bad enough, but using manufactured pretense to justify things being questioned seems egregious perjury and fraud—even if only lame attempts to preserve massive revenue streams (therefore arguably prostitution in selling moral integrity for unworthy purposes). In any case testimonies of these two high level officials in multiple separate instances seem to contain elements of fraud, perjury, prostitution, and misuse (theft) of tax revenue, yet neither man has been as much as publicly scolded by POTUS.

Edward Snowden on the other hand has never lied to the American public and has revealed government abuse of ill-advised anti-terrorism legislation and its implicit costs to constitutional principle. Regardless in these tyrannical times, Edward Snowden is considered a traitor while DNSA, a West Point alumnus and US Army flag officer, has been retired with full military benefits at the expense of those he monitored and tried to deceive. Meanwhile DNI travels the US at taxpayer expense recruiting impressionable young college students with his personalized propaganda about the evils of Edward Snowden.

Nevertheless the House of Representatives very recently approved (May 22nd) legislation claiming to curtail surveillance abuses. That legislation was clairvoyantly well-described in December of 2013: "Official changes are apt to be methodology cosmetics eliminating public outcry. Congress has no history of principled decision making and has neither desire nor capacity to withstand criticism of surveillance curtailment in the aftermath of future terrorism incidents. Consequently taxpayers very likely will continue helplessly funding the very mechanisms incrementally destroying their freedoms. It's the American way."—and so much for Magna Charta.

05/12/2014 moral turpitude:

Keith Alexander is about to "earn" more money than he ever dreamed possible although the liar should be indicted for misleading the American people and ignoring the Constitution. By the time organizations of political means finish lining his arguably traitorous contractor pockets, he'll be running extremely well-heeled with the likes of Dick Cheney and Halliburton. Nevertheless he's the same individual who lied to Congress and the American people with manufactured claims of specific success in thwarting terrorism with mass surveillance—blatant lies intended to advance official agendas. Interestingly, large-scale moral turpitude of this kind does not disqualify anyone from dealing with big government, big business, or the big banking and financial firms. In fact it is expected. Go figure.

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