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07/29/2015 Boehner's karma:

In March of this year Noam Chomsky was hosted by Amy Goodman of and discussed a variety of important issues, one of which was Netanyahu's then-imminent address to Congress at the behest of Republicans. Of course that led to comments about Netanyahu's ludicrous self-serving claims of an Iranian-planned Holocaust against Israel, as well as this marvelous comment about Republican mindsets in general:

"The Republicans stopped being an ordinary parliamentary party some years ago. They were described, I think accurately, by Norman Ornstein, the very respected conservative political analyst, American Enterprise Institute; he said the party has become a radical insurgency which has abandoned any commitment to parliamentary democracy. And their goal for the last years has simply been to undermine anything that Obama might do, in an effort to regain power and serve their primary constituency, which is the very wealthy and the corporate sector."

Irrespective of the appearance that Speaker Boehner has since become allied with POTUS at least some Republicans recognize the party's ongoing shortcomings and wish to do something about them—one or two are actually taking action. According to ABC News and AP, "On Tuesday, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, who was disciplined earlier this year by House leadership, filed a resolution to vacate the [Speaker's] chair, an initial procedural step" in attempting to install a different Speaker of the House. In any case no one can dispute NC Republican Representative Walter Jones' comment that "[Republican] leaders are 'not listening to the American people'"

07/28/2015 Snowden clemency petition:

At least a part of the thrice-adjudicated unconstitutional activities of government "intelligence" organizations [recently legislated into additional illegality by the so-called USA Freedom Act] will remain in operation until Nov 29th and possibly longer. In any case these abominable programs appear to be undergoing change and Edward Snowden can be thanked for that.

Some congressional overseers admitted back in 2013 that if it were not for Mr. Snowden they would have no knowledge of illegal NSA activities so it seems extraordinarily disingenuous of the White House to suggest that Mr. Snowden might have worked within the system toward changing these highly classified and well-protected mechanisms. The official U.S. response to the Snowden clemency petition appears to be pure propaganda of an authoritarian regime and as quoted: "The Obama administration has brought charges against more people under the Espionage Act than all previous presidencies combined".

Personally I believe revealing illegal actions of government to be a public service—especially so in a nation professing "liberty and justice" for all. Here's what the New York Times had to say back in January 2014. Some things never change.

07/25/2015 short-lived sabbatical:

Thanks to unsolicited encouragement from a surprising number of loyal readers this blog's indefinite suspension reported earlier this month has been lifted. Thank you for humbling and gratifying comments and genuine concern. The site remains unaffiliated with any sect, denomination, political party, government, or organization of any kind and continues attempts to provoke thought about contemporary newsworthy happenings.

Self-serving representatives of States everywhere sometimes sow hate and discontent through either ignorance or design of generally ill-advised propaganda efforts. Very recent examples include retired Georgia U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss' ludicrous call to lynch Edward Snowden and Israeli Bibi Netanyahu's last-ditch efforts to hold back the hands of time while ensuring his country's unchallenged regional dominance in an incrementally evolving Middle East. Contrasting Bibi's view Pope Francis appears to have seen a Middle-Eastern Light and chosen the side [dead link replaced 10/13/2016] more likely to satisfy his quests for world peace.

Perhaps Israel's new government and America's arcane Republican party are irreconcilably at odds with recent Vatican divinations as the two groups vehemently solicit Sheldon Adelson's hundreds of millions in tunnel-vision political payola by opposing reasonable Middle East peace prospects at any costs. [More about Sheldon Adelson.]

Earthlings everywhere appear to be growing weary of existing organizations of political means and desire change and are in need of meaningful media coverage of current events. By reporting at greater depths a wider range of important stories than the relatively contained western outlets, RT.COM became a leading source of news worldwide before being wisely commandeered several years ago by Vladimir Putin as the State's official organ. This has led the obtuse U.S. State Department to conclude that RT is a propaganda organ threat to U.S. national security.

That U.S. anachronism known as Senator John McCain recently has said that propaganda is key to "winning the cold war" that he and others seem so desperate to revive by demonizing Russia in general and Putin in particular—especially over the manufactured Ukraine crisis. There is no reason whatsoever—other than orchestration—for the U.S. and Russia to be at odds these days. At least the French are beginning to wise-up about U.S. led attempts to extort the strong-willed Russians into subservience.

Ralph Nader recently observed that so-called free trade agreements [like NAFTA] destroyed many traditional funding sources for Democrats [like manufacturing unions] so both major American parties are increasingly dependent on greatly overlapping if not congruent monetary resources. This is one reason that party demarcation lines have become evermore incrementally indistinct. Consequently 2016 seems ripe for third party candidacies. Donald Trump's unwarranted popularity is simply confirmation of the electorate's contempt for traditional candidates. Obtuse Republican leadership misinterpreted successes in the last election as a wishful-thinking mandate rather than contempt for the status quo. The best long term hope for the nation might be for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic candidacy and for the astoundingly popular Donald Trump to run as a third party candidate. Then even that most wealthy Jeb Bush might statistically be taken down and out. The nation likely can't withstand another traditional outcome—especially another Bush-Clinton outcome and Rand Paul is already being treated much like his father by lame-stream.

07/09/2015 surveillance issues:

Senator Rand Paul on surveillance issues

07/08/2015 blog suspended:

This blog is suspended indefinitely effective 4 July 2015. As of that date the last essay posted at this site responded to a "special report" published by the Los Angeles Times over Memorial Day Weekend 2015. All visitors to this page are encouraged to read the essay, Military and Civilians Divided, and LA Times' special report linked from within the essay. 07/01/2015 surveillance phoenix:

What would the Founding Fathers think about a secret State-run court overriding both constitutional law and annoying appelate decisions at will? Who cares what they might think? "We're from the government and we're here to help."

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