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01/05/2016 final 2016 entry (revised 04/25/2016):

This blog is suspended indefinitely effective 5 January 2016. Hopefully it will be returning soon. In any case the blog effort has been magically therapeutic on this end and apparently has been educational and eye-opening to some. Thanks for reading!

01/01/2016 initial 2016 entry:

This initial entry of 2016 once again promotes that uplifting story about last winter's face-to-face meeting in Moscow between Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden—thanks in large part to the efforts of actor John Cusack. Arguably both Ellsberg and Snowden are far more deserving of America's adulation and gratitude than any contemporary members of America's so-called "intelligence" and "defense" organizations.

On November 9, 2015, U.K.'s revealed that film star John Cusack last winter arranged a meeting in Moscow between Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden and included Indian writer/activist Arundhati Roy in the entourage. When divulging relationships the article noted that "Ellsberg is the co-founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and Cusack and Snowden are two of its board members".

liberty's light

Subsequently with a November 16, 2015, publication date Outlook India released a worthwhile series of very interesting articles written by Ms. Roy and Mr. Cusack. The works informally touch a variety of subjects while gracefully describing the secret Moscow meeting's lifecycle from inception to fruition. For the intellectually aware who are interested in preserving Western civilization's Magna Charta principles these works might be considered essential reading. If for any reason you get bogged-down part way through, don't miss the series' final post located HERE.

John Cusack admirably was an early supporter of Edward Snowden. His essay entitled The Snowden Principle was published June 14, 2013, by Huffington Post. Coincidentally this site enthusiastically had provided essay support for Mr. Snowden two days earlier with a Heroes essay and again the following day with a Snowden essay. Edward Snowden was still in Hong Kong at that time.

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