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12/01/2017 RT America assassination attempts:

According to historian Robert Ensor, Hitler knew that "people will believe anything, provided they are told it often enough and emphatically enough, and that contradicters are either silenced or smothered in calumny". The U.S. Deep State must have that same script because they earnestly have been—with varying degrees of success—trying to silence and disparage sources of alternative narratives ever since Julian Assange first raised his disputative head in 2010.

And those forces will never stop pursuing Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, or anyone else who might facilitate the publication of information which counters mainstream narratives bolstered and supported by U.S. "intelligence" communities. These days the establishmentarians are targeting for calumny the best source of international news available inside America's borders—RT America. That organization incidentally counters MSM narratives in some cases especially when MSM narratives are incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading.

RT is already an important and much needed voice in America and did not by accident become "the most viewed TV news network on YouTube" in less than 10 years despite orchestrated mainstream opposition. RT is a better news alternative for worldwide audiences and the continuing growth of those audiences confirms that fact. It seems astounding that U.S. "intelligence" services fail to recognize this truth..

Instead and toward silencing RT, the U.S. Department of Justice has required RT America to register as a "foreign agent" under antiquated WWII legislation intended to thwart Hitler's Nazi propaganda.. Prior to registering, RT was publicly assured by a State Department spokesperson "When the United States tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement, we don't impact or affect the ability of them to report news and information. We just have them register. It's as simple as that.".

The required registration was completed last Monday and already this excellent news organization has been barred from events on Capitol Hill. Now registered as a foreign agent, RT had its Capitol Hill press credentials pulled yesterday by Senate "Intelligence" Committee clowns. Go figure. Countering MSM narratives with gusto and credibility might destroy insufferable illusions.

Additionally Google has been persuaded to remove RT from its prime advertising circles and has announced plans to de-rank RT pages in search engine results. Meanwhile major social media sites are eliminating members based on related nonetheless nebulous, arbitrary, and capricious criteria. Presumably all of this has been accomplished under Deep State pressures, and all of these actions defy logic.

We predict that these fashionable nevertheless Neanderthal censorship attempts by an obtusely paranoid U.S. Deep State ultimately will be about as successful as was prohibition. But no matter what happens, one creative futurist is apt to be vindicated.

Back in 2015 we were somewhat skeptical when Serbian director and musician Emir Kusturica predicted that WWIII would begin with the Pentagon's bombing an extraordinarily successful RT news organization. Now we're beginning to understand that Kusturica is simply prescient.

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