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08/28/2015 court rulings, petitions, and hope:

What's most interesting about this story are the comments following it. Unpalatable court rulings overturning anti-establishment findings were to be expected. Nevertheless public awareness of the State's agenda continues to expand, so maybe there is still some hope for better long term outcomes—but don't count on it. Just look at the field of presidential candidates. Which one would make you proud in the Oval Office?

Despite the recommendations of cooler heads, Edward Snowden is so hard sought by the U.S. State that the State's true character has been revealed in this ludicrous low-profile threat to Germany placing the desires of power well ahead of German lives. Of course there are other well-documented threats. Here's one to Venezuela. More will surely follow in time. .

Irrespective of all this and because of growing public awareness, some controversies seem to be headed in the right direction. This petition's signatories for example have doubled in a very short time.
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08/24/2015 Citizenfour DVD:

The DVD of Laura Poitras' Academy Award winning documentary Citizenfour is scheduled for over-the-counter release tomorrow August 25, 2015. This is a "must see" for every American as it documents the encounters of Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Laura Poitras and more. Here's a link to it at Amazon..

If you want to know more about Iran and the nuclear deal than lame-stream allows, check out the latest blurb from Noam Chomsky as well as this well-done work from Pepe Escobar..

08/18/2015 nuclear deal update:

Thanks to Associated Press journalists Erica Werner and David Porter yesterday's American news rang loud and clear that "Obama's Iran Deal May Well Survive on Capitol Hill". That story of course was written by Americans for Americans. The rest of the world—at least the thinking segment—really could care less what the U.S. Congress thinks. The Iranian nuclear deal is pretty much done and opposition to it can only hurt the opposing team.

Underlying U.S. contention is the fact that the U.S. simply has no Middle East policies other than belligerence, abuse, and bullying. Blind allegiance to Israel and her warmongering leadership is as foolish as it gets. The world is changing and the U.S. is unwilling to change with it. U.S. officials seem hell-bent to protect Israel's regional dominance and nuclear arsenal at the expense of reasonable disarmament agreements. U.S. foreign policy decisions are filtered through tunnel-vision militarized intelligence communities and enlightened policy has no chance.

Early this year the U.S. blocked a UN call for a nuclear-free Middle East because the concept is "incompatible with our [U.S.] longstanding policies"—ostensibly protecting Israel's nuclear arsenal. Nowadays of course the Republicans have vowed to thwart the implementation of that hard-negotiated Iranian nuclear deal—some deal makers.

All that America knows about Iran comes from U.S. lame stream news [e.g.Iranians behead people and are predominantly Muslim]. To get a better handle read this alternative assessment by Pepe Escobar. Here's an exemplary quote: "It's very hard to beat [Iran's] roll call of assets: a consumer market of more than 80 million, largely well educated people; a human capital mix that is even more attractive than Turkey; and in the all-important energy front, a combination of as much oil as Saudi Arabia, as much gas as Russia, and arguably more mineral resources than Australia.

In the future Iran is going places with or without U.S. support. Rather than opposing the lifting of sanctions on Iran, the U.S. Congress should be rolling back those congressionally-imposed antiquated legislated provisions that are impediments to U.S. firms [and only U.S. firms] desiring to conduct business in an otherwise sanction-free Iran.

08/07/2015 thwarting peace prospects:

Senator Chuck Schumer has joined a handful of congressional Jewish Democrats opposing the Iran nuclear deal. Perhaps he can be forgiven considerations of faith and any consequent emotional sympathies to the official position of Israel however he cannot be forgiven his publicly announced reasoning, which according to the New York Times in-part is this: "To me, after 10 years, if Iran is the same nation as it is today, we will be worse off with this agreement than without it"—unwittingly underscoring Einstein's contention, "We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them". It is highly unlikely that Iran could continue for 10 years without substantial positive change.

The simple act of lifting sanctions would transform Iran significantly by raising the standard of living in making available goods and medicines currently sought. If coupled with sincere diplomacy, mutual respect, and desire for humanitarian outcomes this approach very likely would completely transform the U.S./Iran relationship. Continuing sanctions, arrogance, and might-makes-right policies are certain to continue contemporary problems along with "the same level of thinking that created them" [U.S. policies have abused Iran at least since the successful CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953].

It will be a shameful day in American history if congressional opponents of reasonable Middle East peace prospects—after siding with the warmongering self-serving propaganda of Bibi Netanyahu's philosophy and Sheldon Adelson's riches—are successful in thwarting the President's commendable achievement toward an ultimately lasting peace. For decades now the world view rightfully has considered the U.S. to be the greatest planetary threat to world peace. Her principle worldwide exports are war and the implements and technologies of war. Her largest employer and most accomplished profligate by far is her military. Republican members of congress, and Bibi Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson, and now Chuck Schumer and a few more Jewish Democrats, seem intent to keep it that way.

08/06/2015 GOP folly:

The Republicans appear hell-bent to sabotage Middle East peace prospects at any cost while supporting embellished narratives about Iranian nuclear capabilities and intent—propaganda defying the findings of Mossad and the beliefs of an impressive array of past Israeli "intelligence" spooks, military leaders, and others [Netanyahu excepted].

In March of this year Noam Chomsky discussed a variety of important issues with Amy Goodman of, one of which was Netanyahu's then-imminent address to Congress at the behest of Republicans. Of course that led to comments about Netanyahu's ludicrous self-serving claims of an Iranian-planned Holocaust against Israel, as well as this marvelous comment about Republican mindsets in general:

"The Republicans stopped being an ordinary parliamentary party some years ago. They were described, I think accurately, by Norman Ornstein, the very respected conservative political analyst, American Enterprise Institute; he said the party has become a radical insurgency which has abandoned any commitment to parliamentary democracy. And their goal for the last years has simply been to undermine anything that Obama might do, in an effort to regain power and serve their primary constituency, which is the very wealthy and the corporate sector."

Recently the Republicans have served "their primary constituency, which is the very wealthy and the corporate sector" by granting "fast track" authority to POTUS for the three major trade deals [see Assange quote at 08/01 entry below] currently being negotiated in secret and by attempting to thwart reasonable Middle East peace prospects in apparent warmongering actions perhaps siding with Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson.

08/03/2015 Vladimir Putin:

Perhaps more than a few Americans recognize Vladimir Putin's superior statesmanship and relative sincerity in dealing with international issues. Certainly he seems reasonably well-respected by American citizens. Conversely that anacronism called Senator John McCain recently has said that propaganda is key to "winning the cold war" that he and others seem so desperate to revive by demonizing Russia in general and Putin in particular—especially over the manufactured Ukraine crisis. There is no reason whatsoever—other than orchestration—for the U.S. and Russia to be at odds these days. At least the French seem to be wising-up about what appear to be U.S. led attempts to extort the strong-willed Russians into subservience.

In any case lame-stream America won't give much attention to stories like this one suggesting European immigration problems might be ramifications of U.S. foreign policy. Consequently the average American news follower knows little about how the rest of the world views the land of the free while self-serving cheerleaders—like the aforementioned Republican anachronism—are quick to propagandize such narratives as being propaganda. Propaganda or truth? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference..

08/01/2015 TPP reprieve:

Ordinary citizens can breathe a little easier for a few minutes now that negotiations have failed over terms of the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] trade agreement. However eventual agreement is in the cards. Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and others repeatedly have tried to warn about dangers inherent in major trade agreements now in various stages of negotiation. Here is 06/11/2015 coverage—which includes the following Julian Assange quote:

"It is a mistake to think of the TPP as a single treaty. In reality there are three conjoined mega-agreements, the TiSA [Trade in Services Agreement], the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] and the TTIP [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership], all of which strategically assemble into a grand unified treaty, partitioning the world into the west versus the rest. This 'Great Treaty' is described by the Pentagon as the economic core to the US military's 'Asia Pivot.' The architects are aiming no lower than the arc of history. The Great Treaty is taking shape in complete secrecy, because along with its undebated geostrategic ambitions it locks into place an aggressive new form of transnational corporatism for which there is little public support."

Conversely HERE is the position maintained by the grand old congressional ruling party as relayed to me by U.S. Congressman Jeff Miller of Florida. Nonetheless it seems foolish to believe that the U.S. Congress can "ensure that our trade negotiations can get the best deal possible for American consumers, businesses, and workers" after passing the TPA [Trade Promotion Authority or "fast track"] bill which in essence gave up any possibilty of rejecting specific line items negotiated in secret by players not substantively representing consumers, small businesses, or workers. Congressman Miller obviously believes a trade deal to be a competitive necessity and likely sees the difficulties in reaching any deal at all if the interests of small potatoes are paramount.

Regardless the common man is apt to suffer as big-money interests negotiate for advantage. It appears for example that insatiable big-pharma desires for blockbuster profits will trump the worldwide need for affordable medications. And how is the U.S. Congress going to prevent the erosion of U.S. sovereignty by these trade bills with specifics like those of TiSA recently revealed via Wikileaks? Thanks to fast track that can only be done by rejecting in turn each agreement in its entirety—not a likely congressional outcome. The 60 day transparency window probably is not enough time to analyze, promulgate, and effectively oppose a relatively small percentage of unpalatable terms, so any deal negotiated primarily by and for multinational conglomerates is apt to become law with congressional blessings.

Make no mistake that all these efforts promote globalization and corporate rule whether or not so intended. The realities of big money influence are becoming evermore obvious and despite her denials Hillary Clinton actively has supported these efforts1 and most assuredly would from the White House as well. Elected U.S. officials all serve the same money.

1dead link removed 03/28/2017.

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