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08/28/2014 mental health and deep social problems:

According to The Economist Americans are roughly 800 times more likely to be killed by American police than by terrorists. The reasons are as complex as mental health issues and cultural evolution and perhaps causation is not competently addressed in the article. In any case it seems a nation exclusively dedicated to the production, acquisition, and skewed distribution of wealth will invariably place profits before people and enthusiastically will employ ruthless methodologies like deceit, war, and incremental tyranny to achieve elitist ends. Historically the approach does not appear to have worked long-term.

08/22/2014 bombs away:

Scholars worldwide seem to agree that US foreign policy since WWII is the root cause of international terrorism as it is known today. According to General Wesley Clark's Commonwealth Club video, Donald Rumsfeld said years ago that "nobody is going to tell us where or when we can bomb, nobody". Inflammatory foreign policy is still in vogue and the renewed bombing of Iraq likely will be expanded to Syria. Diplomatically-enervated America seems desperate to provoke ever larger-scaled warfare and odds are that she will eventually have a much bigger war. Whatever happened to respect for sovereignty and international law and declarations of war?

08/20/2014 politically correct:

Like Speaker Boehner's 08/20 reply to the 08/07/2014 entry below. and Senator Rubio's 08/02 response to the 07/22 (& 08/01) entry, when members of Congress disagree with constituent views they typically respond with non-controversial political correctness unrelated to the issues at hand.

08/16/2014 Rand Paul right on target AGAIN:

The most important agenda before Congress is restoration of constitutional protections for US citizens yet can only be publicly discussed by brave and sincere souls like Senator Rand Paul, who is willing to state opinions about Ferguson,MO, even before the dust settles. He seems to be a man of conviction, a trait seldom seen in DC these days.

08/07/2014 defending the Constitution:

If Speaker Boehner wants to defend the Constitution he can start with repeal of AUMF, PATRIOT, and the detention provisions of NDAA 2012, which might begin restoring all those traditional American values like the Bill of Rights, posse comitatus, habeas corpus, and due process. Congress passed the ill-advised, offending laws and Congress needs to clean up the mess before accusing others of abrogating the Constitution. In a nutshell Congress has consistently nullified citizens' Constitutional protections since 9/11 and despite Republican claims to the contrary the House-proposed POTUS lawsuit is not about defending the Constitution. It is only a lame Republican effort to win political clout (seats) in the next election and will backfire.

Politically correct: Speaker Boehner's reply to the above received 8/20/2014.

08/01/2014 & 07/22/2014 CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014):

The most important agenda before Congress is restoration of constitutional protections for US citizens yet is not even being discussed. Repeal of AUMF, PATRIOT, and the detention provisions of NDAA 2012 are the single most important issues that Congress can address in order to preserve and ensure the longevity of traditional American values. Unfortunately the focus is now CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014, which will furthr erode America's privacy and grant additional powers to the overreaching and dysfunctional intelligence communities. The entire Bill of Rights has been abrogated or nullified by so-called anti-terrorism legislation and this is more of the ill-advised same. Neverthelesss the US Senate is the last place in the world to look for enlightened decision making.

Senator Rubio's politically correct response to this text (received 8/2).

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