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04/30/2014 CISPA:

The word on the street is that Diane Feinstein will attempt to resurrect CISPA during this congressional session. That's the bill that would give NSA even more powers to gather personal information and would disallow American citizens' abilities to bring legal proceedings against companies which provide now confidential information to government entities. Further it allows any gathered information to be used for a variety of purposes and is not limited to "fighting terrorism". It also gives undue purview of the Internet to government. Big companies apparently are now on board because it absolves them of any wrongdoing no matter what they supply to government for whatever purpose. Rule of law is traditionally important and is crucial to Constitutional protections nevertheless becomes moot when government changes the law almost daily to suit tyrannical purposes. Already the Bill of Rights, habeas corpus, posse comitatus, the castle doctrine, due process, and much more are nullified thanks to Congress' accomodating the whims of "intelligence" communities. Write or call your members of Congress to oppose CISPA in any form.

04/29/2014 slime assault:

James Clapper's taxpayer-funded tour of US educational institutions is definitely is not in the best interests of average American taxpayers. Here is a letter to the Defuniak Springs Herald-Breeze editor and which was published in the 4/24 edition: "Despite lying to Congress with impunity, James Clapper still sometimes speaks to students of educational institutions. At UGA, Athens, GA, last week he expressed concern that bright young people rightfully, objectively disagree with him. According to the Athens Banner-Herald Clapper said in part: 'The idea that young people see Edward Snowden as a hero really bothers me'. Clapper's disenchantment unequivocally is due to exhaustive military training suppressing capacities to comprehend that Magna Charta principles [constitutional principles] are of far more lasting value and import to both America and the human race than his favorite intelligence gathering methodologies. Always oppose allowing military 'leaders' to have any purview whatsoever over civilian matters. 'Tunnel visioned' is an operative phrase."

04/25/2014 capitalists' tradition:

Link: human nature and free markets.

04/24/2014 Dignity & aplomb:

Republicans might be wise to denounce both Bundy's remarks AND Harry Reid. Sophomoric name-calling and convenient half-truths emanating from the leader of the US Senate really do not add credibility or class to that esteemed body, even as the real battleground morphs to PR.

04/20/2014 American justice:

One does not need to be Iranian to appreciate the fact that America's system of justice is militarized beyond redemption. Ask Nevada ranchers, or Cornealious "Mike" Anderson (arrested by SWAT team with automatic weapons), or Maryanne Godboldo*. " Government is not reason, it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangeours servant and a fearful master"—George Washington.
* no longer an operational domain - link removed 6/5/2017

04/18/2014 trashing equipment:

Apparently BLM only destroyed cattle, tortoise homes, and inanimate objects—no human was shot, only needlessly neutralized with tasering and attack dogs. Nevertheless it appears BLM has replaced shooting the bull with needlessly shooting the helpless bull in the bull pen.

04/17/2014 Clapper noise:

Despite lying to Congress with impunity, James Clapper is still invited to speak to students of educational institutions as if he were worth listening to. At UGA, Athens, GA, on Tuesday he expressed concern that bright young people rightfully, objectively disagree with him. "'The idea that young people see Edward Snowden as a hero really bothers me', Clapper said." Clapper's disenchantment apparently is due to his exhaustive military training suppressing capacities to grasp the fact that Magna Charta principles [constitutional principles] are of far more lasting value and import to both America and the human race than his favored intelligence gathering methodologies. Always oppose allowing military leaders to have any purview whatsoever over civilian matters. Tunnel vision is an operative phrase.

04/16/2014 Senator Rand Paul's Iran statements:

Conservative pundits like conservative politicians play off ignorance in making bold statements about keeping Iran from nukes. It's that very powerful military-industrial influence flexing muscle. Iran likely wants to protect itself from the US which is generally perceived worldwide as the greatest planetary threat to world peace. Of course America's policy toward Iran should change NOW as it MUST eventually. America's relationship with Iran has been popularly adversarial since 1953 thanks primarily to indefatigable oil interests. One more time: America's policy toward Iran MUST change eventually. I believe Senator Paul is trying to be reasonable in an unreasonable milieu—America's choreographed PR, sometimes referred to as news.

04/14/2014 Washington Post Pulitzers:

The WP knows that: "... awards to The Post and Guardian for their NSA reporting are likely to generate debate ..." but not from reasonable people anywhere.

04/14/2014 Senator Rubio on Iran:

Here is Senator Rubio's email to me about Iran. I believe that Senator Rubio is wrong and I believe that America's policy toward Iran should change now as it MUST eventually. America's relationship with Iran has been popularly adversarial since 1953 when so-called US intelligence orchestrated the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh, a man freely elected by the Iranian parliment. Incidentally that was an act President Truman had opposed. Ike's administration provided a more sympathetic environment for that subterfuge.

04/12/2014 federal forces stand down at Bundy farm:

News about alleged congressional corruption and Chinese solar panels likely played a significant part in the decision to withdraw federal forces from the Bundy farm*** today. One thing seems certain, the desert tortoise narrative has little or nothing to do with anything but sophistry. According to "Deleted from but reposted for prosperity by the Free Republic, the BLM document entitled 'Cattle Trespass Impacts' directly states that Bundy's cattle 'impacts' solar development, more specifically the construction of 'utility-scale solar power generation facilities' on 'public lands'."
***broken AP link removed 10/10/2014

04/12/2014 federal force, cowboys, and no-fly zones:

Here they go again, the federal zealots and without evening knowing WHY. Mr. Bundy has said "...there's like 200 armed military people on my ranch.."—about one armed agent for every five cows. Presumably the federal force will continue to grow. US domestic diplomatic skills appear about as well-honed as US international diplomatic skills (buy 'em out or kill 'em all). The FAA has declared a 'no-fly' zone presumably to preclude aerial reconnaissance by the press. Others are trying to help*. But wait could all this be about congressional corruption in conjunction with Chinese solar investments? In contemporary America? Impossible! Ha ha ha. That would imply that Middle East bloodshed might even be about fossil fuel interests. Naahhh...
* dead link discovered 7/06/2015.

04/11/2014 NSA again:

Yesterday The Guardian reported on America's "refusing to grant Angela Merkel access to her NSA file or answer formal questions from Germany about its surveillance activities". One can only surmise that the US recognizes it has a greater capacity to withstand criticism of an unpopular information access policy than to withstand blowback from public knowledge of actual secret activity details. What a mess—all because of unrestrained intelligence zealots like Keith Alexander and his complicit congressional overseers. America's intelligence communities are in dire need of revamping.

04/10/2014 mental illness:

America's preoccupation with the production, acquistion, and distribution of wealth dictates both domestic and foreign policy goals. There is enormously credible evidence that her foreign policies spawn terrorism and her domestic policies spawn mental illness. Lack of quality educational institutions further denegrates the culture since training has supplanted education almost everywhere. Consequently it seems ludicrous to expect a highly-trained anti-social brotherhood like militarized US law enforcement to effectively discern mental illnesses*** , especially those prerequisite to their employment.
***broken AP link removed 10/10/2014

Just last week a 73 year old Georgia man with no previous arrest record was carted off to jail by an young highway patrolman who apparently felt emotionally, not physically, threatened when the perpetrator asked if enforcing seat belt laws made the trooper feel more like a man—a reasonable question since the trooper was not female.

In any case the US has little money for curtailing mental illness since the bulk of government's discretionary revenue is spent killing the planetary less fortunate. On the other hand the State's own mental illness is encouraged through monstrous revenue allocations for inspiring adversarial relationships—like NSA surveillance—with bamboozled taxpayers.

04/08/2014 lies a-plenty:

According to AP*** draft USAID messages prove unequivocally that USAID intended to provoke unrest in Cuba. Even today the USAID Administrator appears to be lying to Congress about that very fact. On 4/3 (see below) Jay Carney advised the nation [world] with similar red herrings. The US government continues to alienate the rest of the world with arrogance, deceit, and self-indulgent hegemony. The ultimate price paid is likely to be high.
***broken AP link removed 10/10/2014

04/08/2014 freedom:

According to BBC: "The European Court of Justice says it [storing citizens' communications data] violates two basic rights - respect for private life and protection of personal data"—arguably implicit proof that Europeans enjoy generally superior educations with their high courts adjudicating accordingly. Thanks to the ignorant and banal influence of American intelligence communities officials in the sweet land of liberty seem to believe that "respect for private life and protection of personal data" are of less long-term importance than unchecked authority.

04/06/2014 Mike Rogers:

Several days ago Mike Rogers was sworn in as DNSA replacing none too soon that arguably paragon of insidious domestic enemy, Keith Alexander. Alexander was everything the intelligence communities want in a job like that, tunnel visioned, brainwashed, and convinced anything goes in "protecting" the country irrespective of any pesky constitutional protections he ignored with relish. Thank God and Greyhound he's gone. Unfortunately there are many more just like him waiting in the wings. It's doubtful that Mike Rogers will be much different. Note this quote from the above link: "Rogers also urged NSA and Cybercom to cooperate with the FBI, the national intelligence director's office, and the departments of Homeland Security and Justice", implicitly sanctioning Orwellian affiliations of DoD, DoJ, and Homeland Security in a nation that cannot adequately oversee any one of those organizations much less any effective combination of civilian and military agencies. This US system is gravitating to SS style purview and is in desperate need of immediate revamping.

04/04/2014 six billion:

They say Hillary lost 6 billion at DoS. Ha ha. That's nothing. Wait 'til she's in the oval office.

04/03/2014 Cuban twitter:

Nowhere is US disingenuousness more apparent than in Jay Carney's admissions today about the so-called Cuban twitter. "Not covert" he says although international shill companies were set up to ensure no moneys were traceable to the US [and its taxpayers]. "Not an intelligence operation" he says although the US intelligence communities have long histories of exacerbating foreign unrest anytime it is considered in US interests [note Ukraine]. Jeez! The moon is cream cheese and the global economy is recovering1.

1broken WSJ link removed 11/21/2017 - In late 2017 it seems MSM articles critical of U.S. government policies, practices,or procedures are disappearing from the Internet with increasing frequency.

04/03/2014 USAID:

The USAID mission statement as posted online says: "We partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing our security and prosperity." The agency has long denied clandestine operations and subterfuge of any kind. Certainly when JFK's administration founded the agency it was to "administer aid to foreign countries and to promote social and economic development". Nonetheless it seldom takes US intelligence organizations very long to exploit US agencies with international missions. Astute observers have known at least since the mid-60s that USAID likely included spook activities. Today it has been made public knowledge. ****

****broken AP link removed 10/10/2014

04/01/2014 Dubbya:

I believe that Chalmers Johnson was first to call George W. Bush a "sophomoric ignoramus" in print. It could have been Gore Vidal. In any case others saw merit in the label and for a very brief time it was fairly chic utterance in educable cocktail circles. Here is a quote from Chalmers Johnson's introduction to Dismantling the Empire: "The history books will certainly record that George W. Bush was likely the single worst president in the history of the American republic. Nonetheless they will also point out that he merely accelerated trends long under way, particularly our devotion to militarism and our dependence on the military-industrial complex." It is a masterfully done book. Get your hands on a copy.

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